**Because We’re Happy **

What a busy 2 days we have had!!!!  We had such a wonderful time dancing in front of the whole school and the Oatlands community during our dance performance A Night at the Movies.  Look how cute we were dressed up as Minions!!!

Week 2

The week beginning the 10th of October we will be learning:
Correct formation of the letters A-Z
Revise the sounds for the letters A-Z
Letter ‘Sh’ Blend
Correct sound for ‘Sh’ blend
Discuss rhyming words
Reading – sentences and words
Story writing – recording beginning sounds and words, writing from left to right, capital letters and full stops, senses activity – Focus Word: Birthday 
Maths – counting forwards and backwards, numbers beyond 10, before and after, shapes, colours, more and less, maths assessment (Essential Numeracy Task)
Integrated – Dinosaurs: Palaeontologist