CoMmUniTy HeLpErS dAy

xoxoxo Grandparent’s Day xoxoxo

On Wednesday 3rd September Oatlands Primary School held it’s annual Grandparent’s Day. Prep HW was very lucky to have so many lovely grandparents and special friends come to visit us in our classroom for the afternoon. With our visitors we drew some pictures, went on the iPads, played some Interactive T.V. games, read books, completed puzzles and showed off our beautiful work!

Thank you so much special visitors for coming to our classroom.

We had a wonderful time!

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ThAnKs DaD!!!

On Tuesday 2nd of September many of the dads from the Oatlands school community came to visit their children in their classrooms for the morning session. The children in Prep HW were so excited to have their dads helping them decorate their ‘Marble Run’ and really enjoyed showing them around our classroom.  Thank you to all the dads that took time out of their busy day to come visit us at school!