A MuSiCaL TiMeWaRp!!!

On Wednesday 26th November 2014, Oatlands Primary School held their annual dance production. This year it was called ‘A Musical Timewarp’. Our grade performed a dance to the song “Rockin Robin” to the entire school community – students, teachers, family and friends. We learnt our dance during sport lessons and then practised it for 5 weeks with Mrs White and Mrs Houghton in our classroom. We tried very hard and did such a brilliant performance on the day. We had so much fun performing and watching the other grades perform their dances too! Mrs White and Mrs Houghton are so proud of us all 🙂 If you would like to purchase a DVD of our performance you can order one through the office for $15 each.


ChEsTeRfIeLd FaRm

On Friday the 7th of November all of the Prep children from OPS went to Chesterfield Farm for the day.  We were so excited to be going to the farm. We saw lots of different animals at the farm and even got to milk Tina the cow.  We had a tractor ride around the farm, watched the Horse Wrangler Show and went to see all of the baby animals in the Nursery.  We had a great day and enjoyed every minute of it!